Our Construction

Homes Built with Quality & Innovation

  • Our homes are built in a highly controlled environment, away from the elements
  • The materials we use come from quality brands which have been tested and proven for decades
  • These and many more reasons are what makes Clayton Homes America’s largest home builders

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What type of floor decking do you use?
    4’x8′ Sheets with tongue and groove, 19/32″ thick structure #1 moisture rating.
  • What type of OSB Wrap do you use?
    4’x8′ Sheets and 7/16″ thick.
  • What type of Roof Decking do you use?
    4’x8′ Sheets and 7/16″ thick.
  • What type of Ceiling Board do you use?
    4’x13′ 2″ and ½” thick.
  • What are the sizes of sheet rock used?
    4’x8′ Sheets 3/8″ thick
    Finished Sheetrock is ½” thick
  • What is the gauge for the electrical wiring?
    Wire is 12-2 in Kitchens, Baths, and GFI Circuits
    Wire is 14-2 Lights and Receptacle
  • What are the rafter dimensions?
    13′ 8¼” on 24″ centers or optional 16″ on center.
  • How do we attach ceiling boards to rafters?
    Rafters are attached by wide crown 1″ staples on each end and F-2100 foam seal resin, one side of field trusses, both sides of seam trusses.
  • How is painted drywall attached?
    Attached 6″ on center with 1″ sheetrock screws and Alfa glue to studs. Luan paneling and interior walls are covered with energy board for strength.
  • How is the steel frame attached to the floor?
    We use 4″ lag screws and washers every 32 inches on header and every joist on sides to attach frame to floor.
  • What are the wind ratings for Wind Zone 1 & 2?
    1 is rated at 90 mph and below, 2 is 90 to 120 mph.
  • Does snow load change when we go from 24″ to 16″ centered rafters?
    Yes. HUD: from 20 to 30 lbs. MOD: from 30 to 45 lbs.
  • What size are the lag bolts that are used when attaching homes?
    4 ½” lag screws in floor system and ceiling header board we use 5″ bolts every 4′.
  • How thick is the vapor barrier plastic under the house?
    6 mill and has a puncture resistant layer.
  • What size are the fireplace tubes for ventilation?
    Outside pipe 12″, inside pipe 8″, 4″ air space between both.
  • What is the height of ceiling fan blades from ground?
    7 ft
  • What is the distance of smoke detectors from fans and side walls?
    3 ft minimum from ceiling fans.
  • How thick is the vapor coating on the ceiling?
    Has to be at least 4 mil thick before ceiling texture is applied.
  • What type of insulation is used in the ceiling?
    Blown in Fiberglass Insulation is standard R-21 but can upgrade to R28, R30, or R40.
  • Is the sheetrock around the range fire proof?
    Yes, on both sides.
  • How much weight is on roof ?
    20 lbs per sq. ft on 3/12 roof pitch and 30 lbs per sq. on 5/12 roof pitch
  • What is the vinyl flooring thickness?
    Beauflor (Nova Bac) Total Thickness 63Mil. 10Mil Ceramico Composite Wear surface.
  • What is the sheetrock made from?
    It is made from fire rated material.